Apple made a huge mistake with iOS 16

And Apple doesn’t seem to fix it

2 min readSep 26, 2022
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Even though a healthy battery is the most important component of a new phone, Apple seems to have done badly on this point. Ever since the new iOS 16 update, many people have complained about how the new iOS update has destroyed their batteries.

And these complaints are not even coming from the beta group. I’m talking here about the official iOS 16 release. Most people who updated their phone to iOS 16 experience a terrible battery life.

Oldest iPhone Models

And this goes even more for people who own the oldest iPhone models, such as the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. And I’m talking here from experience.

Ever since I updated my iPhone 12 to iOS 16 I experienced very terrible battery health.

I haven’t even used the iPhone

Without even using the iPhone, that battery percentage decreases very rapidly. I’m talking about 6–7 hours here, without even using the phone.

And this is not just me who complains about this terrible battery lifetime. You just have to type in the keywords battery, iPhone, and iOS 16 in whatever social media you prefer, and you get flooded by the number of complaints people have about an extremely bad battery lifetime.

Is Apple even doing something about this issue?

So what is this all about? Will Apple address these issues somewhere shortly?

As far as I’ve observed, Apple hasn’t mentioned this battery issue yet. They already released iOS 16.1 beta version, and there is no mention of an attempt to improve the efficiency of how the iPhone should be consuming its battery.




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