The Logitech Craft Keyboard Has A Unique Feature

3 min readMay 7, 2022
Photo by Sebastian Banasiewcz on Unsplash

Microsoft made headlines last year when it unveiled the Surface Dial, a knob designed to work with its Surface PCs and Windows 10. Now, Logitech wants to steal some of Microsoft’s thunder with the Craft Keyboard, an accessory geared specifically toward creative professionals that cost $159 and works with both Windows & macOS.

Logitech’s most notable feature is the Crown, but does this innovative peripheral make the craft keyboard worth considering?

Let’s find out whether you should consider buying the Logitech Craft Keyboard or not.

The Good about the Logitech Craft Keyboard

First, some background about this Logitech Craft Keyboard. I’ve used a lot of keyboards over my many years as a tech reviewer, and none have come close to feeling as good as Apple’s current wireless keyboard.

This means Logitech had big shoes to fill in its effort to create an Apple alternative with more features. In that regard, it has succeeded. While it doesn’t feel quite as premium as Apple’s offering — the keys are just slightly less crisp when pressed — it does offer a few advantages that might make it worth your consideration if you can live without that extra bit of refinement.

Most notably, Logitech includes a dial (called The Crown) on its version of the Apple-like wireless keyboard that lets you quickly adjust volume or brightness on supported devices, or perform other functions depending on which app you’re using at any given time.

That makes it easy to adjust settings for specific apps without having to dig through menus; being able to do so quickly and easily was one of my favorite things about using The Crown.

The Bad about the Logitech Craft Keyboard

My main issue with Logitech’s crown, though, is that it’s not as quick or responsive as other versions. It takes a little more finesse to twist than others I’ve used.

That said, it feels sturdy and has a nice weight to it. And even though I don’t find myself using Logitech-specific features on most of my apps — yet — I like that they exist as an option if I ever feel inspired to integrate them into my workflow.

For example, you can use the crown to switch between tabs, to adjust the brightness of your screen, or play/pause music. Not earth-shattering stuff, for sure (and some people may never use these features), but still cool nonetheless.

The Typing Experience Of The Logitech Craft Keyboard

Logitech claims its keys have a low amount of pre-travel, which I would agree with — but at the same time, it’s among one of my favorite things about typing on a Logitech keyboard.

Other aspects of typing on a Logitech keyboard, though, aren’t quite as good. For instance, I can type fairly quickly on it and find that even though keys are springy, they feel somewhat flat.

This keyboard has a very low pre-travel. This basically means that there’s not much distance you have to press down on a key before it registers. On another note, though, I personally find myself liking keyboards with a longer pre-travel.

My Conclusion

So the Logitech Craft Keyboard has a lot of potential. And while it may be expensive for many people, its implementation in your workflow will provide you with an advantage you never knew existed. This functionality alone makes Logitech’s offering worthy of consideration for those who can spare $164.99 for a keyboard.

But if that price tag turns you off, don’t worry — I plan to look at other options in future articles. Overall, if you’re willing to pay for a quality keyboard that allows you to customize its layout and commands, you won’t be disappointed by Logitech’s offering. If price is a concern, however, take a look at my comparison of other types of keyboards to see what other brands are available. I plan to write more in-depth reviews on these soon.




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